Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winterize Your Car

You are at work and outside you car is being snowed on. You are prepared because you have your boots and your ice scraper. It is starting to snow pretty heavy. Your employer releases the employees but the parking lot does not get plowed properly. You are stuck with a snowed in car. What should you do?
Well you forgot to put your mini snow shovel in the car b/c frankly you do not own one YET.
Readers, please share your thoughts on how to get out of this jam and what to pack in the future.
My suggestions would be have an ice scraper at your office, at your home and in your car. Sometimes you just can't get to the ice scraper that is in the car. Have a spare car key in the house in case you accidentally lock your keys in the car while warming up the car. Have a small fold up shovel or a child size shovel. It is a good investment.
Without a snow shovel in this scenario you either need to stamp down the snow around your car or start making snow men to remove the excess snow. Happy winterizing!! Oh and take an extra pair of socks. Trust me, someone will need them.