Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun With Numbers

Today my lesson plan is to work with numbers. Son 1 needs to be able to write his numbers while son two needs to be able to write his numbers and recognize his numbers.
The goal today is to work with numbers 1 to 10.
I have one Word (Microsoft program) table for each child with the numbers 1 thru 10 in order.
I have a scrambled table where each child can cut the table up and paste the numbers to the other table or put the numbers in order.

Next step is to gather the books together that have numbers. We should have several.
Curious George is one.

Challenge: Eliminate Possessions

Okay I need some sort of small challenge to eliminate some possessions. Any ideas?
We can move to a larger house or start moving out some of our things. Moving is always an option but purging is always a good thing to do.
I know if you have not worn something in a certain amount of time that it should be tossed. I also know that we use and wear only 20% of what we own.
Why is it so hard parting with possessions? Clothes are easier for me that gifts of another nature to dispose of. Clothes are worn, outgrown and styles change.
Other possessions are clung to thinking they will be one day be needed.
Any idea for a challenge that others can do also?
I am willing to take on more than one.

For example:
attack the linen cabinet
donate some shoes

Cell Phones

The wave of the future for technology is normally smaller with more features but this comes with a larger price tag. You used to be able to wait for things to come down in price but now new items are created and the old items become obsolete.
How many people still have a stereo with a turn table or a tape cassette (raising hand)
How about records? (raising hand)
Cassette tapes (raising hand)

Now how many people still have land lines? (raising hand)

One of our vacation places had a sign posted by the pool stating that there was a phone in the lobby and in all hotel rooms incase of an emergency.
Now hotels seem to be doing away with phones in an effort to save money. But in an emergency these phones are still pretty valuable. I really had not thought about that until now.
Now lets go into our own home. If an emergency occurs and you no longer have a land line does everyone that could enter your house know where your charged cell phone is located? Is there an extra cell phone left for the babysitter incase of emergencies with instructions how to use the phone?

Originally cell phones seemed to be used in the car for emergencies. Now they have replaced land lines either for long distance or all together.
Our cell phone is older and is starting to get less reliable.
You would think for $1200 per year the phone could at least hold a charge.
I guess it is time to start researching new plans.
Can anyone share their plan info?

We have 2000 minutes (certainly way too much); two lines; unlimited Internet (can't see alot of newer sites) and unlimited text messaging.

Where has the summer gone?

Someone asks this question yesterday. From what I can tell there are still 6 weeks left and many adventures to be had.
A few years ago we stayed at home for our vacation to fix up my son's room.
Now many people are staying close to home due to the economy.
Getting away once in awhile is helpful. Gives you a chance to recharge and hopefully feel reenergized.
So whether you are able to go to Disneyland like KT or Starbucks; take some time out to smell the flowers while summer is still upon us.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

Everywhere you looked during our vacation was water.
The Falls, a pool, a lake, huge bottles of water and even water parks.

Water is needed to survive and it is also very fun to play in or get mesmerised by.

What is your favorite form of water?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Story

On January 6, 2006, we excitedly went to see the ultra sound of our baby. Our hope was not to learn the sex of the child. The news was devastating. We were told that our baby would not survive. 100% -no chance of survival.
Our baby had some birth defects including polycystic kidneys. On March 15, 2006 our baby died. We choose to carry our child as long as God gave us.
Our baby died! Michael's due date was May 24, 2006. Michael would have been entering PreK 3 the following year (September 2009). God bless Michael Shaun!

In March 2005, we were also hit with some very heartbreaking news. We found out we were pregnant and then "moments or days" later the baby was gone. After losing Michael we named our other angel, Kathleen Maurine.
God bless Kathleen Maurine!

Sleep tight our angels in heaven!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seeing vs. Experiencing

We drove by Niagara Falls looking for parking availability. My oldest son at that point "saw" the Falls. He was interested in doing another activity. I wanted him to experience the Falls.

Currency Exchange

Most places in Niagara Falls, Ontario accepted U.S. money and gave change in Canadian money. Not sure if I made a profit or not. Maybe MommyChicky could comment on that. We didn't need to exchange any money since the U.S. money was accepted. At a 7-11, the total came to $22. I gave 22 U.S. dollars and they asked for another U.S. dollar to compete the transaction. That was the only time that happened.

Room = Money Saver

Try this website next time you need to book a hotel or motel. It might save you a ton of money. Some hotels let you book the rooms ahead of time. On the coupon it will specify if it is good on the weekend, whether you need to pay extra on certain days, etc. You can also find the books along the highway rest stops. We were able to use three of these coupons during our recent trip.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

1st Night of our Adventure (updated)

My daughter and two sons had a very successful trip. Everyone traveled very well. Bedtime was not as pretty of a picture. Apparently my daughter did not like her pack and play. Instead she wanted the human comfort of Mommy and Daddy's arms while standing of course. Since we arrived around midnight we didn't want her waking our neighbors in the adjoining room. Normally we would let her cry it out. She slept comfortably in her car seat. Who knew?

The following night she slept successfully in her pack and play. Maybe the solution is to stick to her regular bedtime while on vacation to make for a happier child.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Traveling with Children

Today we are taking our three children on a two country tour. Our vacation began on Friday, July 4, 2008. Back home my best friend is about to deliver twins.

Packing for our trip was unusually easy. Normally I rush out and buy all the needed toiletry items etc. This time I enlisted help. My oldest child packed clothes for himself, his brother and his sister. No kidding. He put the clothes together. We did it in steps. First my oldest son put all the under ware in two piles. Later we worked on the clothes. I handed him clothes and he separated the clothes into two piles. He also put all of his sister's clothes that I set out into a travel bag. Not bad for someone his age. Yeah!! On the day of travel both boys packed a bag with their toys. Hopefully their toys are not obnoxiously loud. I forgot to check that. They also selected their special blankets for the trip.

My former manager once mentioned that his wife enjoyed a clean home after vacation so she would spend time cleaning prior to their trips. Surprisingly I did make an effort to make the house presentable prior to our departure.

Approximately 5 years ago we made this same trip with our oldest son. Since that trip we upgraded to a small minivan and then to a larger minivan. We also have a roof top carrier. This will be the first time my daughter has been in a hotel. Her baggage is fairly light. She has a pack and play to sleep. For dining, she has two seats. One seat we can take into the hotel and the other we will leave in the car. She is not potty trained yet so no potty chair is needed.

Toys, did we pack any toys for our daughter? Hopefully. Her toys are always a mismatch of various parts of toy sets.

Our choices for our destination varied but being summer what we packed would be the same for both trips. I love to travel and plan trips. We selected b/w 1000 Islands and Niagara Falls, Ontario. In the 1000 Islands, rest and relaxation seems to be possible. I have only taken a boat cruise through the area on the Saint Lawrence River so I don't know much about the area beyond the boat tour. Another interesting location is Rochester, NY. It appears to be on the water and has lots of fun museums that appear to cater to children.

Niagara Falls, Ontario has a fabulous attraction called Marine Land. They have a wonderful aquatics show and the patrons get to touch and feed the deer.
My husband and I were here in 1999. Now we hope to bring our children to enjoy the fun.