Sunday, July 13, 2008

Currency Exchange

Most places in Niagara Falls, Ontario accepted U.S. money and gave change in Canadian money. Not sure if I made a profit or not. Maybe MommyChicky could comment on that. We didn't need to exchange any money since the U.S. money was accepted. At a 7-11, the total came to $22. I gave 22 U.S. dollars and they asked for another U.S. dollar to compete the transaction. That was the only time that happened.

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Mommychicky said...

The exchange rate between USD and CAD is pretty much $1 to $1 these days (officially $1 USD = $1.00153 CAD), so I would say you're not making or losing anything because the currencies are essentially equal right now. The only issue I would see is what rate the merchants are using to convert USD to CAD. With today's rates, unless you were spending thousands of dollars, I don't really see a reason why a merchant would want to have you pay any more in USD than the CAD price tag.