Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nursing woes, Nursing successes

To my financial blog readers, don't worry I will be back to posting financial type posts.

My first and second son did not successfully nurse. I did pump for a week after having my 3rd son (now in heaven). I did rec. a pretty good milk supply. So with my daughter I pumped for the first month and gradually switched over to full nursing. At 3 1/2 months, I was told that she needed more and cereal would be the best b/c she might not accept nursing if she was eating solids, bottle feeding and nursing. At each subsequent doctor appointment, I figured that I would be told to stop nursing but luckily all weighins were good. So why does the scale mean so much? Why does that decide whether my daughter gets to nurse? Now at 8 months, the question arises again. Is she getting enough? No, but my milk is still available to her and she can supplement with real food including soy formula in her cereal.

I would just like to have one child where nursing is not this huge problem.

Praise filled comments appreciated. Constructive criticism try to avoid regarding this matter. Thanks for your understanding!


Lucy T said...

Praise to you for your perserverance. I had three unsuccessful attempts. I was confused, which lead to stress, which lead to formula. Good for you.
P.S. I found you thru Rachel's blog and assumed you were the "Sue" I knew, which you are. Hi Sue!

Sue said...

Lucy T
Thanks for your comments! Hope all is well.

Mary said...

I agree- it's super that you are still trying and available to her. Hang in there. No great advise to depart I'm afraid- though wishing you all the best in this area as well as in everything.