Friday, April 11, 2008

Credit Card statement for March

Boy for someone who does not normally eat pizza I sure have been ordering alot of it in March. Our fast food bill for March was pretty high just over $110.
Here are our percentages for the month based on only our credit card spending.
Gifts 30%; Gas 21%; Holiday (Easter) 11.7% Groceries 11%; Scrapbooking 10%; Fast Food 8.6%; Stores 4.5% and Haircut 2.7%.


Mommychicky said...

You got me thinking and I sat down and figured out, percentage-wise, where our expenses are going (we have a no-fee rewards card so we run everything through the credit card for the cash-back/airline tickets/gift cards). 17% goes to groceries, 15% toward misc. shopping, 12% towards family activities, 11% towards parking and transportation, 10% on gas, 9% eating out, 8% at Target, and 3% on drycleaning. I was surprised that we didn't spend more on gas but I guess that is a testament to fuel-efficiency and M. taking the train more often to work. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

Motherhood101aplus said...

Thanks Mommychicky for sharing your percentages. I am hoping to complete my 1st quarter percentages soon. Knowing how much we spent on fast food last month did not prevent us from two trips to McDonalds and another fast food restaurant this weekend but at least we are trying.