Sunday, August 3, 2008

Money Spent with a Zero Return

93 -$100 deposit to a dealership to hold a new car
93 -life insurance policy to pay off a car in case of death
97 -warranty and maintenance plan on a video camera
00 -charged for a night hotel stay for a hotel that we did not end up staying at
00 -paid for a gift certificate that was not used by the recipient prior to the shop becoming defunct
05 -charged for a night hotel stay that we did not use b/c we left early
08 -charged $600 for returning a lease vehicle
yearly -charged $3.50 each month to pay a bill monthly rather than biannually

1 comment:

O said...

You're brave to put these out here and face them head on.
I cringe when I throw away food we didn't even try to eat (food I messed up in a recipe is somehow a little better) or find clothes that the boys didn't wear. (At least I can donate those and someone will use them.)
But oh, those warrantees and gift certificates...