Saturday, October 4, 2008

Preparing for a Famine

This post is partly in response to Happy Rock's post regarding the Dow tumbling. Happy Rock has been preparing a long time for a famine. He is debt free and saving for a new house. He has a vision of what he wants for his life and his family's life. Bravo to Happy Rock for being so prepared to take on this economic crisis.
It reminds me of Joseph preparing Egypt for a famine. They grew and stored all they could so that when the lean times came they were prepared.
Normally, I have heard that new companies are the ones that fail during these challenging times. Now the companies that are falling apart have been around for decades.
How can we continue forward? Folks, the sky might not be falling but the famine is coming. Housing prices continue to drop and the interest rates for savings are minimal.
Please share your tips on how to stay ahead in this struggling economy.

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