Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ways to Obtain Money

1) Collect outstanding money
a) referral money on contracts such as home heating oil

2) Seek reimbursement from employer
a) professional fees
b) travel expenses

3) Check your safety deposit box
a) savings bonds that have matured

4) Bonuses
a) save the money for a rainy day rather than splurging

5) Credit Card Rewards Programs
a) opt for the statement credit rather than the product or gift card


7) Return items by the return date that you don’t want, can’t use or have buyer’s remorse

8) Sell used items to a 2nd hand store
a) books, toys, clothes, computer and audio equipment, dvds, cds

9) Cash in coins that you have been keeping

10) Find a way to bring in extra income
a) additional employment
b) trade services with people

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