Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Prevent Impulse Buys

1) stay at home
2) shop on a full stomach
3) bring a list
a) pair down the list prior to going into the store
4) write down all purchases when putting into a cart if going in for a couple of items (such as at a drug store)
5) write down the prices and add them up prior to going to the cash register
6) You have heard of trigger foods ... Do you have any trigger stores or malls where "stuff" just pops into your cart
7) price items at two or three places prior to making a significant purchase
8)set a dollar amount that you want to spend at the store or stores and reduce that by 5 or 10%
9) allow for a certain amount of impulse buys per trip
10)keep a list of things that you need; evaluate at a later date to see if you still need the items, add new items to the list and cross out items that you can do without
11) imagine a place in your house for the item
12) Do you really need the item or just want it?

1 comment:

MemeGRL said...

Trigger store: Trader Joe's. Also 320 Produce.
My latest: I bring my canvas or insulated bag to the market that I intend to use at bagging. I do not get a cart. I fill the bag and when it's full, I'm done.
Then the trips where I need toilet paper or paper towels, I'm in trouble.