Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter is upon us

Last weekend I spotted some hats and gloves in the center aisle. I thought I might as well get them now. Next I was hit by Christmas decorations. That makes sense but what I was surprised about was that the Thanksgiving merchandise was already priced at half off.
How do you prepare for winter? Do you buy hot chocolate, hats and gloves ahead of time or to you wait for the first snow flake to hit to find the boots?
Thinking about winter. One of the challenges is always to find snow worthy gloves. One of my friends said that only the first set of gloves need to match. After that you can have mismatched gloves. Wonder if that is the same for boots. (Just kidding.) Now back to planning for winter.
With five children, we are going to need to be prepared. Snow suits, snow gear oh boy.
What items are on your to buy list for winter?
Hats, gloves (multiple), coats, boots, rock salt, socks, slippers, pjs, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, winter stockings, dress shoes.
Things I bought this weekend were
Boys hats and gloves, pjs
Twins full body coats
Girls pjs

These were all impulse buys. Kudos to the store for actually having worth while impulse buys.
I enjoy seeing impulse buys but I realize that just because the item is on the end cap does not mean it is on sale.

Now I mentioned the to buy list. What about the find in your house list? If you start looking now, you might be able to cross one or two items off of your to buy list.

Now where do you store all of this stuff?
I was thinking about putting the items in reusable grocery bags. One for each child and adult. That could work for all the winter accessories.
Any winter thoughts?

How about books? Now is the time to start looking for the snowy type books. What is your favorite? The first Christmas or silent night?
That brings us to music. Do you have any Christmas / winter type music stored away? I am sure the stores will be willing to sell you some.

Christmas outfits. I was thinking that the zero to three Christmas outfits won't fit b/c they are already starting to wear 3-6 clothes. Then I got a brain storm. Take some Christmas pictures now.

After the Halloween party one year, I noticed the teacher took out a bin with her Thanksgiving items. It would be good to have one bin year after year just designed for the winter accessories. Books, music and winter coloring books could even squeeze in.

I guess we need lots of things for the winter season. But most of all we need to remember the spirit of the season.
Happy winterizing!! (Oh does that bring up getting the car ready?) Ice scrapers etc.


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MemeGRL said...

I need to get hot chocolate now because my second son is already requesting it! Once the weather drops below 60, he's ready for cocoa. :)
Except for last year's ridiculously early snow, I usually start prepping for boots, jackets, etc. when I do the season switch.
For clothes, we'll probably need big mittens for the big guy this year and you have reminded me to have him try on his jacket. I almost always buy them at least a size big so he wears them two years, and I buy them at the end of the season when they are on sale (though preseason, like now, can be almost as good).
Boots drive me crazy because really, they get worn maybe 10 times in a year. That's not a lot.
Our closet holds it all but we don't have five!
For snowy books, can't beat Jan Brett, whether it's The Mitten on the gingerbread boy/baby series. I also love the Sabuda pop-up books for the holiday.
Genius to take photos now for Xmas. Nicely done. Also: scour ebay and/or consignment shops. Holiday stuff is usually in great shape because it's worn so little.
And I am a fan of the colored bins--orange for Halloween, green for Xmas, etc.--to help us figure out where our seasonal stuff is.
Thanks for the fun post!