Monday, January 25, 2010

What is the price of a smile?

When planning a child's birthday party, what is your intended outcome?
A) For your child to be happy.
B) For your child to have fun.
C) For you to have a relaxing day.

Can all of these goals be accomplished without breaking the bank?
If your venue cost $200 or more without food you might be spending too much.
Let's start with the basics. Fun, fun, fun.
How do you accomplish this task?

Create your own party games.
Bake your own cake.
Skip the party bags.

As your child ages; the guest list increases. Sometimes you even have two parties. How can you have a party without cutting the guest list? Sometimes you can get a discount by having a party at a non-popular time. Skip the extra food. Try just serving the main event, beverages and cake. If it is not a long party this should be fine.
Plan your time well. Always better to have more things to do then not enough.
Can you hold an event at a local park or at your house?
Party Favors
Maybe your party favors can be part of the activity that you did.

A simple snack, craft or game, drinks, cake and a camera might be all you need. Kids enjoy getting messy, being loud and having fun. Parents enjoy seeing a smile.

Happy party planning.

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