Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday my child in Heaven

Dear Baby Michael,
Happy 2nd Birthday to you my son! March 15 was the day you went to heaven two years ago. Too bad we can't plan a party for you here on earth.
We deeply miss you always.


Anjali said...

Happy birthday, sweet, sweet angel!

Mary said...

Dear Sue-- Special blessings for your son's birthday- though belated. This date is I'm sure written on your heart- now and always. Good Friday for me will always have other meanings for me rather than just the Easter holiday. In the Vietnamese culture they do have a party on the death day of a loved one. Every year they gather family and close friends and remember-lots of food and conversation- it's bittersweet of course but a special tradition none the less. So remember and celebrate this day how you need to for you I say. Many blessings.